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Foundation For Assistance To Small Innovative Enterprises

Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises is a non-commercial State organization established by Russian Federation Government Decree of 3 February 1994 № 65.

The main tasks of the FASIE:

- Setting up and developing support infrastructure;

- Promoting job creation for the efficient use of the scientific and technical potential of Russian Federation;

- Financial, information and another assistance;

- Involving youth in innovative activity;

- Attracting non-State investment in small innovative businesses;

- Implementation of public policies on development and support of the science and technology field.

Organization website: http://fasie.ru/ 

Programs included:

The programme aims to assistance of companies having experience in sales of high-technology products and planning development of new kinds of products.

 Legal persons that are small businesses can take part in the competition for this programme, which haven't treaties ...