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Programme "Development"

Type of funding: Partial funding


The programme aims to assistance of companies having experience in sales of high-technology products and planning development of new kinds of products.

 Legal persons that are small businesses can take part in the competition for this programme, which haven't treaties in force with the FASIE, have R&D experience and experience in sales of high-technology products in accordance with federal law № 209 of 24 July 2007.

The amount of the grant is up to ₽ 20 million (the amount varies from ₽ 15 million to ₽ 20 million depend on competition). The period of grant is 24 month (the period varies from 12 to 24 month depend on competition). Extrabudgetary co-funding (from own funds or investor funds) is no less than 30% of the grant amount (the amount varies from 30% to 100% depend on competition). The grant should be spent on commercialization of R&D results.